I offer a range of web content migration, scientific research, presentation and writing services. My services range in scope from information management and data analysis to final presentation and write-up, and in scale from a pamphlet to a book. I prefer a challenge, so I will be more interested if you have the data and do not know what you want to do with it.

A description of project areas I have handled include:

Research / Literature Reviews

If you would like to set me off to discover everything I can about a topic, produce a brief summary and a detailed report and to reference all my sources, I can research almost anything for a fee. This might be a subject on the web (perhaps if you are setting up a website and want links and details of web resources in your subject area) or a medical literature review. Literature reviews can be cheap (if you only need some best-guess references) or very expensive (if you want a pile of summarised papers).

Credited writing

If you have a paper, report or book to write and you want a credited co-author, then take a look at my materials on this site. If you like my writing style then contact me with any suggestions for collaborative work.

Confidential writing service

I offer a confidential writing service for doctors, health researchers and other medical professionals who have the data, the analysis and the ideas but just don't have the time to get the paper out. Expect to pay between 200 euro and 1,000 euro, depending on the amount of work involved.

Statistical analyses

I have no interest in routine analysis. I offer an original and creative input into analysing mountains of data.

Content Migration

I can migrate pretty much anything - paper, data, old file formats, slides, photographs, tape recordings, video - into a web format. I do NOT do typing (a temp is cheaper) or web design (there are many doing it), I migrate content into modern form for the web. You must be the owner and copyright holder of any material you want to migrate.

PhD, Book, Report, Paper?

You wrote it, you own it, worried that nobody reads it? If your PhD, out-of-print book or paper is already in Word, PDF or HTML, then you can put it on the web. If it is in an unfriendly format (typed, printed or in old WordPerfect files) I can scan, convert and produce linked HTML documents for the web. I use minimalist HTML for fast downloads and easy modification of the on-screen presentation.

My rates are approximately 3 euro per page provided on disc and 6 euro per good quality typed page on paper. Note that bound volumes will be sacrificed to a guillotine in order to scan the separated pages and I will NOT rebind.