Greek materials, ancient and modern

A collection of links to resources for online and computer-based learning Greek, ancient and modern. Included below are some Parley files translated from other sources, with links to the original sources.


Books and reading materials

Greek language files for Parley, ancient and modern

These files should work with Parley and also with KWordQuiz, Kanagram and KHangman, which are all part of the KDE Educational Project. Below is a set of files from the Mnemosyne Project that I have translated into kvtml files for use with Parley.

KDE4 language files from the Parley Project

Greek language files from the Mnemosyne Project

Ancient Greek

Modern Greek


If you find Greek text files on the internet or elswhere that display as gibberish, then the Linux utility "iconv" might work. iconv --list will display a long list of encodings and the command iconv --from-code=ISO-8859-7 --to-code=UTF-8 greek.txt > english.txt should change the encoding from ISO-8859-7 to Unicode (Windows-1253 is another common Greek encoding).